SocialCast is an all-in-one social media and web services company, providing solutions to broadcasters across all audio mediums.

The company is focused on brand awareness and extension strategy that can help companies stand out in the cluttered messaging marketplace.

Tailored Custom Content Packages

Customizable solutions to meet your unique goals and preferences. Diverse and compelling content, from behind-the-scenes exclusives to interactive polls and artist interviews. Capture and reflect your station’s unique identity and voice.

Engaged Posting w/ Local Engagement

Frequent Posting: Beyond just posting – we engage actively to captivate and excite your audience. We immerse ourselves in the local scene, ensuring your station is at the heart of community events, trends, and conversations. Create an engaged following through interactive polls, shout-outs, and personalized content.

Results-Driven Engagement Metrics

Transparent analytics showcasing likes, shares, comments, and audience growth. Amplify your station’s voice, build a vibrant community, and see tangible results.

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